Sunday, September 11

FENG SHUI in CHILD CARE? Has anyone tried it?

Feng shui is for everyone. 

This ancient Chinese art of placement helps you to arrange your home so that your life is harmonious and your dreams are realized to their fullest.

This can also apply to child care settings. When your surroundings nourish you and the children, everyone will feel balanced and motivated.

Applying the principles of feng shui in the children's rooms can enhance imagination, learning ability, and confidence. Typically, child care rooms can accumulate clutter, and excess clutter creates unnecessary stimulation making it difficult for children to concentrate.

Clear the clutter.  Clear the mind.

  • LIGHTING: Make sure the room has ample sunlight or uses full-spectrum bulbs. The corners should be well lit to avoid dark areas.
  • SEE THE SKY: To fix an oppressive low ceiling, paint it light blue with white billowy clouds to imitate the sky. This image will encourage the children to dream and be imaginative.
  • STRATEGY FOR SPACE: If the room is very small, clear out large pieces of (extra) furniture.  They create stagnant energy.
  • CLEAR THE AIR: Take down excess items that might be hanging over head. An overabundance of mobiles, flying animals, and overflowing shelves can create fear about items falling on the children's head.
  • SNEAKY STORAGE: Build shelving inside chests, closets, and bookcases to organize materials. Use a round bin, hamper or wicker basket to store toys.
  • ART SMART: Hang positive and happy artwork everywhere. Children love to see their creations displayed.
  • CALM COLOR: The best colors to use in a child's room are light pastels such as green, blue, beige, pink, peach, lavender, cream, and tan. To soothe an overly stimulated children, try to add medium shades of blue. To motivate quiet children, add a few accents in bright colors such as yellow, red, and orange.
  • SLEEP TIGHT: Create a calm and quiet sleep area by changing the room for quiet time transitions. Cover normally busy areas or play materials with a blanket (i.e. the block rack, play house, or climber) to create an 'everything is sleeping' atmosphere. 

Adapted from:  Feng Shui Your Child's Room by Jayme Barrett.  For more information, visit