Sunday, March 6

HOW DOES LEARNING HAPPEN? Bite Size Overview part two

The FOUR foundations of HOW DOES LEARNING HAPPEN are a vision for all children’s future potential and a view of what they should experience each and every day.
  • ·        They apply regardless of age, ability, culture, language, geography, or setting.
  • ·         They are aligned with the Kindergarten program
  • ·         They are conditions that children naturally seek for themselves.
HOW DOES LEARNING HAPPEN? asks educators to be attuned to what children know, what they wonder about, and their working theories about the world around them.

·         Asking “How do children demonstrate they are competent and capable of complex thinking?” helps educators build on what children already know and can do.

·         Asking “How is a child’s current approach to a problem different from an earlier response?” helps educators to identify the progression of learning and the increasing complexity of approaches.

·         Asking “What questions and theories do children have about the world around them? How are they going about finding answers to their questions or testing their theories?” helps educators to be co-learners with children.
      Asking “How do children form relationships with one another?” helps educators understand where children might need assistance in engaging in positive interactions.

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