Tuesday, December 8


So you're a new grad and set to start work with toddlers?  Integrating ELECT into your everyday programming can be blink-your-eyes easy. 

Toddlers are naturally curious with an 'everything is new' outlook.  What we see as basic programming toddlers see it as new, exciting and very 'do it again!' worthy.

Set up some of these activities as staples in your programming to integrate ELECT everyday with toddlers:

always supervise when using small pieces

SOCIAL INTEREST:  shopping in the everyday living area, with boxes of real life items, bags and carts.  Add a cash register and paper money (maybe cardboard) and you're good to go.

PARALLEL PLAY:  parachute play.  They will learn to work together through parallel play.

EMOTION REGULATION:  Circle time songs, "If you're happy and you know it . . ."

EMPATHY:  Emotion theme books with puppets for group time.

SENSE OF SELF:  Sing a song about the child as they look into a mirror, "Who's that in the mirror," 

IDENTITY FORMATION:  Group photos of the child with the other children engaged in various activities.

SENTENCES and VOCABULARY:  Nursery rhymes.

QUESTIONS:  Busy boards.

CONVERSATION: Sand and water area – asking questions about the properties of both elements.

SELF REGULATION-Attention regulation:  Shape sorters and classification boards (i.e. colours)

PROBLEM SOLVING:  Insert puzzles and nesting cups, stacking rings.

CAUSE and EFFECT:  Pop up toys, i.e. Jack in the box.

SPATIAL AWARENESS:  Tunnels in an obstacle course.

MEMORY:  Simple memory tray during group time.

FINE MOTOR-dressing:  practice with large dolls and clothing.

MAKING MARK: large crayons or paint brushes.

PINCER GRASP: Large peg boards.

SENSORY EXPLORATION:  finger painting on different surfaces.

SENSORY INTEGRATION: Making sandcastles, filling buckets then turning over to mould.

Thank you, Roslyn Walker, Riverparkway Preschool Centre. Veteran toddler teacher and grand giver of ideas!
Early Learning for Every Child Today: A Framework for Ontario’s Early Childhood Settings.  Best Start Expert Panel on Early Learning.  December, 2006