Sunday, February 8

ECES and DOWNTIME: How do you gear down for some rest and relaxation?

Without a doubt, downtime for ECEs can get relegated to the sidelines in favour of getting just one more thing done before  . . . (add next event here.)  

Then before you know it an hour, your lunch time or the whole evening has passed by and you haven't even taken off your work clothes to transition into home time.
Believe ECE in the power of transition.  We do it all the time with our group, but for us? 

Like children, having a transition routine for ourselves will definitely help to get our mind from one thing to the next:  think busy playroom to calm rest, relax and unwind time.  

Personally, I like to get out of the centre and go for a walk on my lunch.  Removing myself from the environment (my transition) really helps my mind change gears for the hour.

After work, taking a shower and changing my clothes helps my mind unwind and transition to home.  Of course home hold another slew of busy things to do, but at least letting go of my work day clears some space in my mind for home and family stuff.

So what do you do to transition to downtime?  How do you make sure your lunch time is a true break from the work day?