Tuesday, December 30


BE CREATIVE. Putting fruit juice in thermoses and soup in sealed cups is a great motivator to get children to eat them. Just make sure the teacher knows that there has been a switch to avoid having the juice heated and the soup served cold. Don't roll your eyes, it has happened. 

AVOID SENDING CANNED LUNCHES: beans, Spaghetti-o's or Kraft dinner that teachers would have to prepare before serving. Boxed and canned foods are wonderful choices for lunch, and many children enjoy them, but please prepare them ahead of time and store them in a microwave able container. Teachers have limited time to heat up lunches during one of the busiest times of the day. 

PUT IN A WET WASHCLOTH a zip lock bag and freeze over night.  Put it into the lunch bag to keep things cold. As it melts it doubles as a great clean up wipe for hands and face

FREEZE FRUIT JUICE IN ICE CUBE TRAYS.  Put orange juice in a drink container along with a few fruit juice ice cubes.  Children can shake up the melted ice cubes in the container for fruit punch by lunchtime. 

LABEL EVERYTHING! Lunch bags and containers arrive in lunchrooms by the dozen. Label, label, label. Imagine twenty children, all with heated lunches in clear plastic containers.