Tuesday, September 16


As an ECE you have great ideas, creative ones that you love to share with the children in your group.  They, of course adore them and enjoy them on a regular basis.

Now, show the greater community what you can do!
Social media is a great way to put your creative self out there, and especially if you are an introvert—no problem getting in there and having a great time with the children, but self-promotion to your peers? No so much.

CREATE YOUR OWN ECE PLATFORM where you can let inner creativity shine online.

FIRST TAKE PHOTOS:  A battalion of them that show case your activities in action.  Then add a few descriptive lines so people have a rounded idea of what you're doing.

THEN CREATE PAGES:  Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ Twitter. Put up your favourite art activities, crafts, or circle time stories for people to see.  You're making a collection of your best programming ideas.

NEXT CONNECT:  Connect your pages with like-minded people so you have a little hub of sharing.  Now you not only have a platform that showcases you, you are connected with other ECEs  so new ideas can flow.

FINALLY SHOUT OUT:  Include one of your pages in your resume.  Not only will you show some of your best and most successful activities, you'll show yourself to be innovative and in-tune to the online ECE community.