Tuesday, September 9


Put simply, provocations provoke! They provoke thoughts, discussions, questions, interests, creativity and ideas. They can also expand on a thought, project, idea and interest.
Provocations can come in many forms:

·         An interesting photo, picture or book,
·         Nature (e.g. specimens)
·         Conceptual (e.g. changing seasons, light)
·         Old materials displayed in a new way,
·         An object (e.g. magnets, maps)
·         New creative mediums,
·         Questions (from any source – i.e. What is gravity?)
·         An event (e.g. a presentation, a holiday)

Provocations can be as simple as a photo of a rock sculpture next to some pebbles or as elaborate as a table with an assortment of recycled materials next to a book on robots and resources to make recycled robots. Often though, provocations are simple and displayed beautifully to provoke interest.
From: http://www.racheous.com/reggio-inspired/what-provocation-reggio/
Photos: From Pinterest.