Friday, November 1


The MINDMASTERS program focuses on teaching five important positive-living skills to children:

RELAXATION: Activities teach children how to relax, when to relax and why to relax.

Once children learn the skills, they can practice them at home, in the classroom, in medical treatment situations and when they are called on to perform.
SELF CONTROL: Activities teach children how to identify and cope effectively with stress, when to use their coping skills and why these skills are important. Children can use these stress control skills whenever they are tense, worried or stressed.
HIGHLIGHTS: Children learn to look for the good things in every experience, every day. They develop skills in searching for, enjoying and sharing the Highlights of each day.

POSITIVE THINKING: Children learn how to be positive with themselves and with others and why being positive is important. They can use these skills in all aspects of their lives – in school, at recess, in play, in sports, with peers, at home, when receiving medical treatment, whenever they need to feel better about their situation.

POSITIVE IMAGREY: Activities teach children to focus their attention and to use their imagination in creative and beneficial ways. They learn to improve their control over their imagery, and its quality and clarity, and they develop skills so that they can imagine themselves doing the great things that they would like to do.

The program has been researched extensively and developed over a ten-year period by Dr. Terry Orlick, a renowned educator, internationally recognized mental training consultant and doctor of sports medicine. 

Dr. Orlick developed the program in Ottawa, with the support of area schools and the Humanities Research Council of Canada.

The program has been used very successfully in many child care centres in the Ottawa area.  It is easy to use in regular programming with children, and they enjoy it. 
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