Wednesday, October 30


FREE TO BE ME is a positive living skills program that develops positive perspectives,  life skills and stress control strategies in children through a variety of group and independent activities. 

The program has been researched extensively and developed over a ten-year period by Dr. Terry Orlick, a renowned educator, internationally recognized mental training consultant and doctor of sports medicine. 

Dr. Orlick developed the program in Ottawa, with the support of area schools and the Humanities Research Council of Canada.

The program teaches children to think positively and focus effectively to improve not only their schoolwork, but to enhance their social skills and daily lives.

The program uses a variety of activities that have been proven to increase children's ability to:

·         Think positively

·         Relax effectively

·         Cope constructively with stress, conflict, anger and frustration

·         Concentrate fully

·         Recognize good qualities about themselves and others

·         Find uplifting experiences (highlights) in each day

·         Feel great about themselves

·         Cooperate joyfully

·         Use their imagination in positive ways.

·         Carry more positive perspectives into everyday transactions and pursuits.

The program has also resulted in less stress, more effective learning and a greater sense of respect and harmony within a group of children.


RELAXATION EXERCISES: Jelly belly, follow your breathing, spaghetti toes
IMAGINATION EXERCISES: Quiet lake, butterfly/flutter by, soaring, magic wands
FOCUSING ACTIVITIES:      Great little listener, sound listening, listen with your antennas.

The program uses a series of audio-tapes, which provide parents and teachers a simple and effective way to deliver the program to children daily. 

1.            Relaxation and life skills activities for children and youths.

2.            Positive imagery activities for children and youths.

3.            Focusing and positive thinking activities for children and youth.

4.            Relaxation and stress control activities for teenagers and adults.

Information developed from: Feeling Great.  Dr. Terry Orlick.  Creative Bound Publishing. 1996.  Feeling Great Camp website: