Monday, October 28


FIVE MINUTES WITH:  Tennyson Child Learning Centre,
Perth Ontario

  • Where are you located, how old are the children, how you got started?
  • What is unique about your centre? What is your favourite children's activities and how other ECEs can connect with you?


Tennyson Chidren's Learning Center is located @ 2509 Tennyson rd, in beautiful Perth Ontario. This center is a full serviced private children's center & is registered & fully insured.

I took my Early Childhood Education at St. Lawrence College in Kingston.

I wanted to build a children's center based around a concept that I loved and 2 interests that I had. Being Happy, working with children & exploring my LOVE for animals.

I am HUGE on nature & we explore our 20 acre property regularily & we have built our hobby farm with items from our land.
The children enjoy nature walks, catching snakes, bugs & frogs (mostly toads), building forts out of old cedar branches, climbing tree's, walking trails & collecting items such as rocks. They have helped me raise chickens & ducks from baby's & we have now evolved to a full hobby farm with 12 hens, 7 ducks, 5 roosters, a turkey, 3 asian geese 2 goats, 2 horses, a pony, donkey and a pot belly pig.

Everyday we get a full dozen eggs that we collect & all our birds are free range. The children have watched us build our fences & horse shelter from scratch with our own cedar trees.

I am VERY consistent with all the children's routines & put high focus on teaching life skills & fostering healthy self esteem. Everyday we experience something new & the children talk about it with their parents.

I enjoy working with all the families & always put open positive communication as a top priority. Each parent connects with me daily by viewing my Tennyson Facebook Account for updates & pictures on an ongoing basis (I have permission to post pictures from everybody).

The hardest part of this job that you do not learn in school is effectively dealing with concerns or issues from parents and addressing them effectively & resolving them together. This skill isn't taught... it's learned through practice.

If you work in a center, the same thing can be said for working with different staff & blending your personalities together daily & working well as a team.

My center includes children from ages 3 months - 12 years of age. I have had 2 highschool students on placement here which was a positive experience.
People can connect with me on my facebook page through personal messages if they have any questions. I don't accept many friend requests because I post alot of pictures of children.... it's a privacy thing.

I hope you all enjoy my story & learn what makes you happy... and go for it