Friday, October 25


IT HAS BEEN PROVEN that reading to or with a child sets the tone for a child’s academic future.  It enhances lasting memories and fosters a lifelong love of books and reading.

NEW RESEARCH suggests that those who read print are nearly twice as likely to be above average readers as those who only read electronically. 

THOSE WHO READ only on screen are four times less likely to say they enjoy reading and are less likely to be good readers.  

So with all the tech devices out there, parents and teachers are urged to STRIKE A BALANCE and keep print apart of family and school environments. 


·        Read to children as often as possible

·        Choose engaging books

·        Keep reading short and simple

·        Let children choose the books

·        Make reading a habit – for yourself and a part of family/school time

·        Let them see you reading – whether it is newspapers, paperbacks or cereal boxes…

·        Make reading together fun and memorable – it is not just what you read, but how you read – inflections, voice changes, intonations, sound effects…

·        Create loving associations with books and reading – cuddles, snuggles, PJs, warm milk, soft pillows…

·        Know when to stop – young children can’t sit still for very long…

·        READ AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN – children love to hear their favourite books 100s of times!

Adapted from: Child Life. Solutions 4Lifewith Kids! http://