Wednesday, October 23


SET UP STORAGE to be easily accessible for the children. 
Make clean up easy and organized.
BE CREATIVE with storage * display * and building projects.
All three are done here with a table, a big wooden tray and a plastic storage bin.
Small pieces can be contained in smaller trays that hold entire projects and pieces.
Mosaics are a great table top quiet activity.
Lego trays are a great way to keep the pieces together and accessible and easy to use
He's only pretending to be eating the pieces!
Building areas (trays) can be as easy to make - cut cardboard boxes with taped sides for the surrounding trim - or collect - old restaurant trays work well.
Trays are also great for keeping projects together and 'play-with-able' over a long term.

Creative play can last and last with storage for long term projects.